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Emsworth Harbour Arts Market     

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Barbara Jones Watercolour Artist

Barbara Jones Watercolour Artist Barbara’s love of living near the coast is reflected in her pictures and features prominently in her colourful and vibrant work.  Barbara is selling original watercolours, quality giclee prints, greeting cards, mainly of a coastal theme, many local.  

www.barbsart56.co.uk www.facebook.com/barbsart56/ www.instagram.com/barbsart56/


Sylvia Tomkinson - Jeweller

Sylvia designs & makes contemporary jewellery in Silver with the addition of gold or semi-precious stones. Her recent work mixes beautifully coloured titanium with silver.  www.sylviatomkinson.co.uk www.facebook.com/sylvia.tomkinson/ www.instagram.com/sylviatomkinson/

Sylvia Tomkinson - Jeweller





Sara Le Gris

Sara uses a stained glass technique using beach finds, sea glass, pottery and pebbles creating new repurposed items for the home.

Stained Glass

Instagram/saralegris   www.etsy.com/uk/shop/saralegriscreations

Linda Mills

Sue Colyer


Sarah Ash

LMJL Millinery

The Art Zoo

Andrea Martin Painter. Andrea’s work is inspired by nature, including a new addition to her playful penguin series. She also does pen and ink illustrations, paintings and fine-art prints from her originals.  www.theartzoo.co.uk www.facebook.com/TheArtZooUK instagram.com/the_artzoo

Southsea Mudlark

Linda Mills Wicker work

Linda makes willow baskets, sculptures and decorative items using Somerset, Hampshire and Dorset grown willow, also lavender wands. Some baskets also contain hedgerow materials, sea shells or shotgun cartridges.


Southsea Mudlark Pottery

www.artspace.co.uk/artists/lynnnicholls          Facebook/Southsea-Mudlark-Lynn-Nicholls

Sue Colier watercolourrs

Sue’s passion for watercolour, with its unique qualities, enables her to paint the subjects she loves most – nature in all of its glory. It is the perfect medium to capture the transparency and fluidity of nature itself and the beauty of its very being.


Sarah Ash Fabrics

Sarah uses textiles in a variety of ways, often choosing rescued and recycled fabrics. Using layered and stitched cloth she creates landscapes of the local area, adding details with thread-painting and appliqué. She also makes bags, bowls, tuffets and doorstops.  

Claudi Barrett pottery


LMJL Millinery

Lynn makes the most beautiful hats, fascinators and headpieces.  Lynn trained at the London fashion college and her work has been chosen for the  London Hat Week Exhibition both in 2019 and again this year in April 2020. We are very lucky to have her with us this month.

Facebook/lmjlmillinery Instagram/lmjlmillinery

Southse Mudlark

 Lynn is a studio potter making hand thrown functional and decorative ceramic ware such as bowls, jugs, vases, cups and other vessels. Lynn particularly enjoys exploring surface decoration, texture and pattern by using painterly techniques. Recently she range has extended to individual quirky pieces of ceramic jewellery.

Wendy is a studio potter making functional, thrown and hand-built pots. By way of inspiration Wendy has been particularly inspired by 'waves' stating that the whole universe is made up from waves whether gravitational waves, sound and light waves or merely waves from Hayling beach where she spent most of her life.

Mark Lewis paintings

 Lewis Art Gallery is the home of Mark Lewis. He is a self-taught local artist specialising in oil paintings, acrylics, and more. With styles and techniques that have allowed him  to grow as an artist.  


I am so sorry to announce that the market on 21st March 2020 has now been cancelled due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. We will be back as soon as possible.


Mark Lewis

Claudi Barrett

Claudi is a ceramic artist working with coloured clay, making vessels and plaques featuring seascapes and wildlife in beautiful coastal colours. Also on display is her fabulous Raku sculptures.  You can always expect new and innovate work from Claudi!